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Your Solution to Emergency Communications!

The Thunder Emergency Communications Trailer line, Mobile E-Comm®, is the total solution
for a turn key, complete mobile communication infrastructure that is easy to use and does not require any local infrastructure to provide critical voice, fax, data, radio and interoperability
services any where the mobile emergency communication platform can be delivered to.

Make phone calls to anywhere in the world through IP satellite phone technology. The IP satellite phone service works just like a regular phone with just one key difference — how the phone call actually gets to your telephone. When your local phone service is down, IP satellite phones route your phone calls directly to your telephone using the satellite high speed internet connection. You hear a dial tone and make your phone calls just like you've always done. Configurations are available to allow for up to 40 phones per trailer. Backup 911 call center
emergency communication configurations are available.

Utilizing the latest in satellite technology, send and receive faxes without a computer virtually anywhere your Mobile E-Comm® unit has a clear view of the sky. The fax interface connects the satellite phone system to any standard Group 3 fax machine with all of the quality, reliability and affordability of the satellite network.

Now, no matter where your Mobile E-Comm® unit is, you’ll have secure, reliable access to the Internet that can allow you to access your enterprise
networks, data on the World Wide Web, or provide real-time content for your operation.

Service plans provide a range from 400 Kbps to 4 Mbps download speed with a common upload speed of up to 45 Mbps. The innovative combination of these services and the hardware platform provides a unique, cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications including ICS/Emergency Ops and backup or supplemental connectivity. Expanded services include Multicast Delivery and Multicast Video Streaming. With multicasting, you can send large amounts of common data or streaming video to multiple locations quickly, securely, and efficiently.

There are limitless applications for this innovative platform by using the already available IP networking solutions (such as secure Virtual Private Networking) and providing connectivity where no other solutions exist. With an optional static IP address, you can provide dedicated network services to any extension of your operation. Network hardware and software routing solutions are also available that provide LAN connectivity for multiple users within your office.

Enable your organization today with this rapidly deployable solution for enterprise network connectivity at Broadband speeds.

Radios and Interoperability

When damage to radio towers or repeaters occur, communication for public safety becomes severely impaired, sometimes limited unit to unit communication down to within a few miles. To recover Organizations to provide backup communications infrastructure with several trailers, over a large geographic area such as existed during Katrina.

For public safety, interoperability is key in any event. On board digital interoperability systems get you talking fast by interconnecting virtually any
type of radio-, telephone- or network-based communications systems, so your investment in existing equipment is protected and no expensive re-training or down time is required. It’s easy to use and incredibly rugged, so you know it won’t slow you down when response time is critical.

The Thunder Trailers not only provide interoperability in the traditional definition of interoperability, communication between diverse radio systems; but in joining the voice, data and radio systems into one, integrated communication platform. But doing this integration the following capabilities
are accomplished. Emergency mobile dispatch Mobile E-Comm® configurations are available.

Custom Interiors
Custom built workspace interiors, to spec counter tops, cabinets, workstations. On larger goose neck units, custom slide-outs add an additional 2+ feet of width to that portion of the trailer. Custom living quarters can be as elaborate or as modest as you need. Our living quarter package is completely customizable based on your personal needs.

• Backup Data, Voice, Phone and Radio Communications anywhere without the need for any local infrastructure; instant Internet, Email, Phone and Remote Radio access
• Communication trailers that can be stored in strategic locations for quick and easy deployment after a disaster. Multiple trailers can be deployed to provide backup communications where needed in response to a widespread disaster.
• Real time communication across multiple platforms is critical. Our line of communication trailers gives you a platform for a fast, reliable, easy-to-use interoperability system. Radio interconnect configurations facilitate communications between two-way radios (HF and VHF/UHF) and various other media, such as other radios, cellular, landline telephone, NEXTEL and SATCOM. Interoperable communications can make all the difference: EMS, Fire Fighters, Sheriffs and Police.

Features and Options
• Mobile unit; easy transport; 10-15 minute onsite setup; small footprint for easy storage and deployment
• Radios can be remoted or repeater equipment can be installed
• Mobile Office
• Satellite TV reception for live news feeds anywhere
• Telescoping Radio Towers
• 3kw – 8kw integrated gasoline and diesel generators and extended run fuel tanks
• Air Conditioning / Heat
• Advanced power management system with solar, battery and generator power; 10+ day runtime without refueling

 Command Vehicle

Bus, Van or Diesel Motor home Chassis

Floor Plans that range from 30’ - 45’ for our bus chassis, conventional cab/van chassis, or diesel motor home chassis

Semi emergencycommand trailer
Floor Plans up to 53’ for semi-trailers

Gooseneck Communication Trailer

Gooseneck Trailers
Floor Plans up to 52’ for Gooseneck Trailers

Tag bumper communication trailer

Tag / Bumper Pull Trailers
Floor Plans up to 32’for Tag / Bumper Pull Trailers

Support Entire Base Camps and
Emergency Operation Centers

Support Military
Emergency Operations

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Communication and Emergency Vehicles PDF

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